Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hectic is the New Calm

{almost time}

I go back to school September 8th.

That's a week away.

So this is apologies in advance that posting is going to be more sporadic than normal around here...

There's cleaning to be done and things to be bought and packing to do and a dog to hug lots, so I don't get much time on the computer these days.

And when I do, I keep getting interuppted. Case in point, the three or four posts that are labeled 'draft' that didn't get posted because I was called away to do something else.


So yes.

I'll be MIA for a while longer.

Between the 13th & the 18th, though, expect lots because I'll have the apartment all to myself and nothing else that absolutely needs doing. Oooh.

Love y'all.

Be good. *hee*

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