Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apt 216 Quotes, No. 3: Grapes & Deep Contemplation

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{I love their color boards... so pretty!}
Emma: *drops down onto her seat at the kitchen table* Ugggh, eating grapes is so tiring!

Shellie & I give her a funny look.

Emma: *determined* I'm going to peel each and every one and eat them.

Me: ... Then why'd you wash them? {She handwashed of the grapes. Individually}.

Emma: Because I saw some pretty gross stuff on them.

Shellie: ... But if you were going to peel them anyways, why...

Shellie & I: Ohhkay.


Shellie: Hey, Sammo? Do you know if that switch right there runs the garbage disposal in the sink?

Me: *hesitant* Um. I guess so?

I walk over & we both stand there staring into the sink.

Me: Want me to try it?... What's the safety procedure for this thing?

Shellie: *laughs* I don't know.

Me: Me neither. I've never run the garbage disposal before...

{file this under 'Things You Contemplate During College' for future reference}

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  1. You have to have water running into it or else it'll damage itself. Check to make sure no utensils got lost down there, then turn on the faucet and RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    I also read that you can drop orange peels in there and grind them up to make your kitchen smell nice. Haven't tried it yet, though.