Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Weekender, No. 5: San Francisco & the Coast...ers

For a New Locale to Explore: Shopping in San Francisco with Shellie
{I left my heart...}
Best Part: Seeing my future roomie after two months and possibly getting to see where the best quality ballet things are sold in the city.
For those of you who don’t live within a fifty mile radius of San Francisco, ‘the city’ is SF. Though I suppose it should be ‘the City.’ *shrugs*

For the Next Potential Culinary Venture: Giant Molten Dark Chocolate Brownie Cake
{I need a fork. Stat.}
Best Part: I actually have the ingredients to make this delicious sounding dessert! And Christina Marsigliese, the food scientist blogger who created this recipe, has a fabulous sense of humor that makes reading about the technical side of baking easy to do. Check out her blog, Form V Artisan {named after the fat crystal structure in chocolate}! See? She’s awesome. And her husband has a Master’s Degree in ice cream. They’re so cool.

For Wishful Thinking: Joom’s Etsy Shop
Olive Green Bird on Cherry Blossom Pillow
Framed Whimsical Bird Tree Print
{More birdies!}
Best Part: Joom Klangsin is from the Bay Area and her products are so gorgeous. Makes me want to learn how to screenprint. Or get a crazy good camera. Or both. Preferably both. *grins* Stop by her etsy shop to see more loveliness!

For Those Bursts of Creativity: Colorful Coasters
{I love pretty paper}
Best Part: I have everything except the tiles from past bursts of creativity. Plus, when I went adventuring yesterday, I realized that instead of scrapbooking paper, you could use gift wrapping paper for a more ‘looks like a patterned tile’ feel.

For Pure Aesthetic Pleasure: The Definition of Writing
{via Pinterest}
Best Part: My handwriting changes with my mood. Does yours?


I hope you had a lovely weekend and I'll have an adventuring post up for you sometime this week.

Love you!

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