Friday, July 1, 2011

The Little Things in Life, No. 4: Stealthy Feesh & Miscellaneous Multimedia

{From the Fountain}
{In the Arches}
... reading this book and seeing Royce Hall mentioned within its depths (pg 326 in the paperback to be specific). Ohmygoodness, yay UCLA! There are times when I simply cannot believe where I get to go to school nine months out of the year. I'm in awe. *happy sigh of contentment*

{Stealthy Little Feeshie}
... seeing my dad's reaction to the interesting music pre-loaded onto his new work computer. Such as the superly awesome named album, Ninja Tuna. Seriously? I don't care what type of music it is, I'd keep it for the title.

{Library Sale, $2.00, Romantic Comedy}
... watching 105 minutes of cuteness, aka Letters to Juliet. I finally got around to seeing it a few days ago and may I just say. Two words. Christopher Egan. *grins* [Although the rest of the actors/actresses were pretty wonderful themselves, too].

{Sunshine Baby}
... noticing that a buuunch of the bloggers I read are either pregnant or new moms recently and since I somehow ended up helping out in the nursery during VBS with two moms that chatter about everything, I've learned a ridiculous amount about all sorts of interesting things. For better or for worse.


... more pretty ads! [They were supposed to be mostly eyewear ads. I had an eye doctor appointment Wednesday, what can I say? But when I tried looking them up on Google, I couldn't find them. *shrugs & sighs* What can you do?]

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