Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Wondering: Beanies

For those of you not living in the San Francisco Bay Area right about now, let me tell you what you’re missing out on.

It’s freezing.

Well, not really. But compared to what summer is supposed to feel like in the middle of July, it’s reallyreallyreally cold. Cold enough that for the last two days, I’ve been wearing a beanie at night to keep my sleeping head warm.1 And while it does work… lemme ask you something, reader dear.
How in the world do all those other people look so darn cute in their beanies.

Cause I’m downright scary. Which is why I only wear these ear-warming hats to sleep. Or when I have a cold and don’t care what I look like. But never out of the house. Or my room.

I don’t understaaaaaand.


Please. Tell me how you wear these things! Because I’m obviously not doing it right. *sadness*


1 Here’s where all those other fabulous bloggers would post a picture of themselves in their cutiebeanie, but since I haven’t reached that level of awesome and I’m too horrified at what I see in the mirror when I am wearing my grey-and-white striped hat, it ain’t happenin’. Nope. Can’t make me. *shudder* The horror.

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