Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks, Daddy

My dad is pretty awesome.


Thanks, Daddy, for...

... always being able and willing to drive me to and from school almost every week day for over thirteen years. All those mornings of waking up early and all the hot afternoons waiting for me in the car.

... also driving me to and from gymnastics, dance, karate, swimming, art and math lessons; to friends' houses for get-togethers, the library for a ridiculous amount of books, and just wherever when I needed the lift.

... being super patient (and super calm!) while teaching me how to drive. When I was the one freaking out.

... always picking up the phone whenever I call. It makes me feel loved cause I know that no matter what you're doing on the other end, I was more important than it. The fact that you'll make time for me wherever, whenever, is something that I should thank you for more often.

... not going nuts when Mickeyla called you at one in the morning and told you I had fallen on the ice and was in the hospital. I was honestly really surprised that when I called you back after I got back to the dorms at 2:30 am, you still sounded calm, cool, and composed. You're my rock and I felt better because at least one person hadn't gone wide-eyed at the sight of all the blood. [Not that you could, really, since you were six hours away and couldn't see my face and clothes, but the fact that you straight up told me I'd be fine and that face wounds just bleed a lot made me feel better... oddly enough].

... always either telling me to go take a nap or go have an ice cream every time I call home. It makes me smile. Because other people's parents tell them to go do their homework or study harder. Not my Dad. It tells me you trust me to do my best and that you believe that I can handle the workload without you nagging me. And that feels nice.

... believing that I can survive college and that I'll be fine when I'm worried or nervous or scared about how I'm doing in school or managing everything. Your faith in me and the fact that I know you'll always stand behind me no matter what I decide makes me feel better and want to try harder to make you proud.

... being so proud of me and for loving me the crazy way I am for the almost twenty years of my life. I know I can be such a brat at times, but you've always put up with me and forgiven me for everything silly or stupid I've done.

I love you, Daddy.

Happy Father's Day.

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