Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Insta-Buddies & Being Involved

Yesterday was Emma & Shellie's Banquet for their student group on campus. They both got onto Staff for next year! Yay! And so they got all prettied up (not that they're not normally gorgeous) and went out for the night. They're so cool. I love these girls. (And Shellie's new lion PillowPet). *hee*

Emma's shoes, fyi, were shoe-envy worthy. Pale pink peep-toe stilettos. Fabulous, dahling, simply faaabulous.


It's going to be super interesting next year, for sure. Emma's in charge of Publicity, Shellie's Culture Chair (I gotta ask her what she does), and I'm Networking Night Director/Coordinator for a different student group. Plus, 'cause they're on Staff now, they'll be in charge of a "family," which is a bunch of members of the student group who get to know one another really well and it's pretty much like... "Insta-Buddies!" Yay for being social and involved! *laughs*

And have I told you the name of their Staff next year? Dragon Staff. How awesome is that? I wanna be a cool kid like them...

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