Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finals Week: Spring Quarter 2011

Today, I had Spicy Shrimp Pad Thai with an apple soda for dinner after 11pm on a Monday. This is what we like to call normal college life.

Today, I took my first final of the quarter and I think (I hope!) I did decently well. Although I did realize that finals are really bad for your health. As in, they are supposedly making your brain a lot stronger, but the rest of you is getting weaker because you don't get enough sleep, you don't really eat because it takes too much time, when you do eat, you end up eating something unhealthy (again with the time issue), and you're being antisocial. And then once the actual final comes around, you spend three straight hours hunched over an inkydinky desk, clutching your pen for dear life, writing as fast as you possibly can while your knees are scrunched up against the chairs in front of you. Goodness, that was a lot of commas. But seriously, my back and my right wrist were dying after I walked out of that final. *streeeetch*

Today, I took a really long nap that made my arm all line-filled because I apparently slept on it funny. I looked like I got a full length arm tattoo.

Today, was a decently good day. Oh, finals week. How you kill us poor college students and amuse us all at the same time...

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